Readers ask: How To Copy Lesson Plan Template In Eduphoria?

How do I copy and paste lessons in Planbook?

Go to the lesson menu of the lesson plan you want to copy in the first planbook and select “Copy.” Then switch windows, and go to the lesson plan menu where you want to paste the lesson and select “Paste.”

How do you use Eduphoria?

Add a schedule entry:

  1. Click the Add an Entry button.
  2. Select one of the entry types listed above.
  3. Expand the course tree and select a course (if appropriate).
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Change the name of the course to suit your needs which could also include class time and class period if desired.

What is Eduphoria?

Eduphoria is a suite of online tools to help schools manage assessments, curriculum, staff development and evaluation in addition to helping schools monitor student progress.

How can you create a multiple choice questions in your lesson in Insertlearning?

Click the question tool on the toolbar and then click on a paragraph to add a question below it. Type in the question, assign the number of points, and then click “Save”.

How do you customize a lesson plan?

10 ways to personalize your lessons

  1. 1 Find out about your students from day one.
  2. 2 Personalize the course book.
  3. 3 Choices of topics.
  4. 4 Personalized language practice.
  5. 5 Personalized language input.
  6. 6 Show and tell.
  7. 7 Take your own photograph.
  8. 8 Make your own video.
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How do I add a course to Eduphoria?

Create a School/District Course

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select Workshop Settings.
  3. Select Course Management.
  4. Select Courses.
  5. Click Add New Course under Course Options at the bottom of the screen.

How do I delete a planner in Eduphoria?

The Team Planner and all team plans will be deleted if all members are removed.

  1. Select the team planner.
  2. Click on Change Team Settings.
  3. Click on Add and Remove Members.
  4. Select Members and click the Remove Member button.

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