Readers ask: How Can I Put A Youtube Video On My Lesson Plan?

How can YouTube be used for education?

10 Ways to use YouTube in your Teaching

  1. Ask your students to create ‘About Me’ videos and share with the class.
  2. Create a playlist of videos you are going to use in lessons.
  3. Encourage your students to subscribe to relevant subject related channels or playlists.
  4. Showcase student work by creating a course channel.

What is a 5 step lesson plan?

The five steps involved are the Anticipatory Set, Introduction of New Material, Guided Practice, Independent Practice and Closure.

How do I promote my YouTube channel?

How to promote your YouTube channel: 23 tactics that work

  1. Choose Google-friendly keywords. A great YouTube channel starts with great SEO.
  2. Use concise, descriptive titles.
  3. Create custom thumbnails.
  4. Fill out your profile.
  5. Optimize your descriptions.
  6. Don’t forget about metadata.
  7. Offer real value.
  8. Create high-quality videos.

Is YouTube an educational tool?

YouTube has proved to be an effective educational tool as it connects academicians, educators and researchers from all over the world and provide interesting, knowledgeable and engaging content which has added a new dimension to education by making it innovative as well as creative.

Do educational videos make money on YouTube?

Possess Single Monetization Model (Adsense) With one particular monetization model, the possibility of generating a decent revenue to your educational videos in less. With AdSense, you can expect to make around 1$ for every 1000 views. Afterall you pass all the criteria implemented by YouTube monetization rules.

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How do I share my Planbook as an administrator?

The Sharing Options page allows an administrator to customize how Lesson Banks are shared with specific teachers, specific schools, or the district by creating “permissions”. 1. Click Go To -> Sharing Options.

What makes a good educational video?

Keep videos brief and targeted on learning goals. Use audio and visual elements to convey appropriate parts of an explanation; consider how to make these elements complementary rather than redundant. Use signaling to highlight important ideas or concepts. Use a conversational, enthusiastic style to enhance engagement.

Can I add another teacher to Google classroom?

You can invite teachers to join your class to help coordinate class activities. If you use Google Groups, you can also invite a group of co-teachers at the same time. If you want to add a teacher from another school, contact your admin to update your domain’s class membership settings.

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