Quick Answer: What Tense To Use In Lesson Plan?

How do you decide what tense to use?

How To Choose the Right Tense!

  1. Using the present simple tense. The present simple tense is the one you’ll use the most often.
  2. Using the present continuous tense.
  3. Using the past simple tense.
  4. Using the past perfect tense.
  5. Past perfect continuous.
  6. Simple future.
  7. Your turn.

How do you introduce a class in tense?

Introduce the present continuous tense first, then the present simple.

  1. The present simple (“I drink coffee,” “You listen to my lectures,” etc.) is also fairly intuitive and can be the second verb tense you introduce.
  2. As you introduce verb tenses, locate them along your past-present-future timeline.

How do you write a verb lesson plan?

Verbs Lesson Plan Objectives

  1. recognize different types of verbs.
  2. identify verbs in various sentences.
  3. use present and past tense verbs.

How do you teach tenses in fun way?

Today I’ll share four games that you can implement in your classes to practice verb tenses and make your lesson more fun.

  1. Grid on the Board. For this activity you need to prepare two sets of sentences with different verb tenses.
  2. Swap Chairs.
  3. Truth or Lie (Present Perfect Tense)
  4. Tarot Cards (Future Tense)
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How do you teach present tense?

How To Teach The Present Simple Tense

  1. Step 1: Action Verbs. To begin, elicit some common action verbs from your students.
  2. Step 2: First Person Singular Form.
  3. Step 3: Second Person Singular.
  4. Step 4: Third Person Singular.
  5. Step 5: Plural Forms.
  6. Step 6: Negative Present Simple Sentences.
  7. Step 7: Present Simple Exercises.

What is tense example?

Tense is the form of a verb that shows when something happened, is happening or is going to happen. In this sentence, goes shows that it is a present tense. It suggests that she regularly goes to school. Example: She is going to school. This says she is now going to school.

What are the 16 tenses in English?

16 Tenses in English Grammar (Formula and Examples)

  • Simple Present Tense.
  • Present Continuous Tense.
  • Present Perfect Tense.
  • Present Perfect Continuous Tense.
  • Simple Past Tense.
  • Past Continuous Tense.
  • Past Perfect Tense.
  • Past Perfect Continuous Tense.

What is a verb give 5 examples?

These verbs include: start, leave, change, live, stop. Auxiliary verbs are also known as helping verbs and are used together with a main verb to show the verb’s tense or to form a question or negative. Common examples of auxiliary verbs include have, might, will.

How many types of verb are there?

Verbs are words that express action or state of being. There are three types of verbs: action verbs, linking verbs, and helping verbs. Action verbs are words that express action (give, eat, walk, etc.) or possession (have, own, etc.).

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