Question: How To Serve A Vollyball Lesson Plan?

What are 4 ways to serve a volleyball?

4 Types of Serves in Volleyball Overhand, Underhand, Topspin and Jump

  1. the underhand serve.
  2. the overhand serve – float serve.
  3. the overhand serve – topspin serve.
  4. the jump serve – jump float.
  5. the jump spin – jump topspin.

Is it legal to serve underhand in volleyball?

Server must serve from completely behind the end line. Serve may be done overhand or underhand, with underhand being the easiest to learn. The ball must be visible to opponents before the serve. A legal serve may hit the net and continue over.

What are the 3 types of serves in volleyball?

For competitive volleyball, there are three main types of overhand serves: the floater, the topspin, and the jump serve.

What is the hardest skill in volleyball?

To learn the game of volleyball, a player has to develop a multitude of skills. Passing, digging, setting, attacking, serving –– and then there is blocking. Blocking is not only the hardest skill to learn, but the skill that takes the longest to perfect.

Can you kick serve in volleyball?

The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Kicking in volleyball is perfectly fine, in fact you are allowed to use any part of your body to play the ball. Whether that’s an arm, leg, foot or a head, so long as you only contact the ball once it’s fair game.

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Who serves first in volleyball?

Another way to remember it is the player in 1 serves first, the player in 2 serves next, the player in 3 serves third, and so on. The order of rotation is set at the beginning of the game and maintained throughout the game (excepting substitutions). You rotate after you win a point off of the opposing team’s serve.

How do you float a serve?


  1. Use an open hand with a high elbow and wrist behind your head and shoulder.
  2. Keep your serving wrist tight for better contact with the ball.
  3. Lead with your palm as you make contact with the ball.
  4. Lift the ball in front of your toss shoulder.

What is the most powerful serve in volleyball?

This is The Fastest Volleyball Serve! (It’s Wilfredo Leon)

  • Wilfredo Leon. 134 km/h (83.26 mph)
  • Ivan Zaytsev. 134 km/h (83.26 mph)
  • Matey Kaziyski. 132.9 km/h (82.58 mph)
  • Ivan Zaytsev. 130.9 km/h (81.34 mph)
  • Earvin N’Gapeth.

What is the best serve in volleyball?

Although you can hit the ball with a closed fist, for overhand serving, the best way to serve is with an open hand. When ready, the server tosses the ball into the air between one to two feet above their head and then punches the ball with their palm.

Why are my volleyball serves weak?

The fix? Usually, it is to take the last step with the opposite foot. This keeps the body balanced and allows players to swing harder. Occasionally, you will need to add steps for a younger or weaker player, because forward motion helps create momentum and power behind the serve.

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