Often asked: Lesson Plan How To Use Scissor Correctly?

How do you use a scissor safely?

Safe Scissors Use When using scissors, cut in a direction away from your body and fingers, hands, arms, and legs. Do not attempt to catch a dropped pair of scissors. Let the scissors fall and then pick them up. Use scissors in well-lighted work areas.

How do scissor skills work?


  1. Provide opportunities to engage with items that require an open/close motion of the hand.
  2. Provide opportunities for tearing paper, either just for fun or as part of an art project.
  3. Place scissors in a “thumbs up” position from the very beginning.

When should you start using scissors?

Cutting skills take time for children to develop. Being able to use scissors to cut well is important for many preschool and school activities including art and craft. Children may have the skills to use small scissors by three to four years of age, but scissor skills are not fully developed until 6 years of age.

What is the correct way to hold scissors when walking?

If you need to walk with scissors or carry them somewhere, close the blades completely and point them toward the ground. Wrap your fingers around the outsides of the blades so they can’t open up and cut you. Walk slowly with the scissors and keep the blade tips pointed down at all times.

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When should you teach scissors skills?

While scissor practice may not begin for most children until they are of preschool age, even toddlers of two years are old enough to begin learning how to cut.

How do you teach a kindergartener to cut with scissors?

Pre-Cutting Activities: Snipping

  1. Use age appropriate and blunt-nosed scissors, for your child’s safety.
  2. Make sure your left handed child uses left handed scissors – this is very important!
  3. Use the correct scissor grip from the beginning, in order for your child’s fine motor skills to develop properly.

How can I improve my scissor skills?

Practicing with items such as play dough, clay, or foam boards are a great way to practice scissor skills with items other than just paper. Making a collage out of magazines for an art project, or a paper plate cutting craft are great ways to practice cutting skills during a functional task.

Is scissor a hazard or risk?

The biggest safety hazard involved in using regular scissors is the risk of laceration from overly -sharpened blades. Metal scissors tend to dull quickly. As a result, they’re manufactured to be overly sharp in an attempt to extend the tool’s longevity. Using such a pair of scissors increases the risk of laceration.

Why is scissor safety important?

Scissors are an important tool to master, but should be used with caution. So, by teaching them how to use the scissors from early on, they will be able to cut and create safely without being fearful of accidents due to misuse. No one must ever run with scissors or even walk about when using them.

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