Often asked: How Chipmunk Got His Stripes Lesson Plan?

How Chipmunk Got His Stripes journeys?

As the other animals dropped off to sleep, one by one, Chipmunk kept arguing. Bear was fast, and he reached out his giant paw to grab Chipmunk. Chipmunk got away, but not before Bear managed to scratch her back with his long claws. And that is why, to this day, you can see stripes on Chipmunk’s back!

How the chipmunk got its stripes meaning?

This legend tells how a dispute between Chipmunk and Bear led to the markings on Chipmunk’s back. Bear thought herself a very powerful creature and was always trying to exhibit her strength before other animals.

How did Chipmunks get stripes in Illustrator?

Joseph Bruchac; James Bruchac; Jose Aruego (Illustrator); Ariane Dewey (Illustrator) Dramatic pen and ink and watercolor illustrations bring to life a lively Native American pourquoi (how and why) tale from the East Coast.

How squirrel got its stripes?

How did the zebra and the squirrel get their stripes? As children, we were told that when the little squirrel brought little pebbles to help Lord Rama’s army in building the bridge to Lanka, Lord Rama fondly petted the squirrel in appreciation with his fingers and that is how its stripes came to be.

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Why is Bear unhappy when the sun comes up?

Why is Bear unhappy when the sun comes up? He doesn’t like being teased.

What happened after chipmunk’s argument with bear?

What happened after Chipmunk’s argument with Bear? The animals saw their first sunrise ever. Bear was happy that he got his way. The animals continued to live in darkness.

Who wrote how the chipmunk got his stripes?

Lord Rama told the monkeys not to make fun of the squirrel because he was small. He also told the monkeys that he valued the squirrel’s work and help in building the bridge because it was done with love. The three white stripes that we see on the back of a squirrel are believed to be the marks of Lord Rama’s fingers.

Why did the monkey throw the squirrel away how did this prove a blessing for the squirrel?

Answer: Because monkey thought that what can a squirrel do for making a bridge. So monkey threw it away. but this proved blessing for him because it landed in hands of SHREE RAM and he gave him a VARDAN that at about too much height you will fall but you will never be hurt.

Why do Indian squirrels have stripes?

Importance in Hinduism Squirrels are considered sacred by Hindus and are not to be harmed. Lord Rama, pleased by the creature’s dedication, caressed the squirrel’s back and ever since, the Indian squirrel carried white stripes on its back, which are believed to be the mark of Lord Rama’s fingers.

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