FAQ: How To Draw Poinsettia Lesson Plan?

How do you make a poinsettia for kids?


  1. 1Print out the template. Print out the poinsettia template on A4 or Letter size paper.
  2. 2Use the template.
  3. Option 2: Cut out 1 flower template and 1 leaf template.
  4. 3Cut out the poinsettia pieces.
  5. 4Glue the flowers together.
  6. 5Glue the leaf.
  7. 6Make a pair of holes.
  8. 7Attach a pipe cleaner.

Do poinsettias flower?

Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias aren’t difficult to care for. The large colourful bracts of the poinsettia are often mistaken for flower petals, but they are in fact leaves. The flowers are actually the tiny yellow berry-like structures at the centre of each leaf bract, which are called cyathia.

How do you make a poinsettia flower out of paper?


  1. For the middle part of the poinsettia cut small pieces of pink/red crepe paper about.
  2. Twist the piece of crepe paper in the center and mold over the flower stamen and twist.
  3. Repeat for all the flower stamens.
  4. Paint the base of each stamen green and add a few dots to the pink/red part if desired.

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