FAQ: How To Create A Nonlinear Powerpoint Lesson Plan?

How do you make a non-linear PowerPoint?

Follow the thoughts of the people to whom you’re presenting, rather than the order of your slides.

  1. Open PowerPoint and launch the presentation that you want to make non-linear.
  2. Press “Ctrl-M” to create a new, blank slide.
  3. Click “Insert” and choose “Text Box.” Click and drag on the slide to draw your text box.

What is a non-linear PowerPoint presentation?

A non-linear presentation simply means that you won’t necessarily start at slide 1 and then proceed to slide 2, 3, 4 etc. The slides will be structured in a similar way to a website – allowing the presenter to respond to their audience’s area of interest by clicking on a topic which is hyperlinked.

How do I make a PowerPoint presentation lesson?

Here’s a look at five tips that teachers can use to spruce up their PowerPoint presentations and make them an effective teaching tool.

  1. Highlight a take home message. A PowerPoint presentation should be basic, simple and not distracting.
  2. Add pictures.
  3. Add video.
  4. Practice.
  5. Make it fun.
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What is used to make an interactive nonlinear presentation?

You can use Prezi or Speakflow to make non-linear presentations, but you can also make them using PowerPoint. Here, we will be discussing how you can use PowerPoint to make a non-linear presentation using hyperlinked slides.

What is the difference between linear and nonlinear presentation?

The linear multimedia will go from the start all the way through to the finish without variation. Non-linear media is the opposite; it doesn’t follow that one-way structure and instead allows free movement around all aspects of the multimedia in any order.

Which are examples of non-linear presentations?

A non-linear presentation is like choosing your own adventure. But it has the added benefits of keeping everything you need to say in one deck. For example, you’re a travelling salesperson who has information on multiple countries like Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and England.

What are the examples of non-linear text?

Some examples include flowcharts, charts, and graphs (ex: pie chart, bar graphs), graphical organizers such as knowledge maps and story maps. In fact, any text that is not read from beginning to the end falls into the category of nonlinear text.

What key stroke will start a PowerPoint presentation?

2. Shift+F5. To begin the slideshow from the current slide, press Shift+F5. In other words, press the Shift and F5 keys at the same time.

Is a nonlinear presentation of information?

Hypertext is simply a non-linear way of presenting information.

How do you make a PowerPoint interesting?

10 easy ways to make any PowerPoint presentation awesome

  1. Build your slides last.
  2. Don’t try to replace you.
  3. Use a consistent theme.
  4. More image, less text.
  5. One story per slide.
  6. Reveal one bullet at a time.
  7. Leave the fireworks to Disney.
  8. Use the 2/4/8 rule.
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What are good topics for a PowerPoint presentation?

Topic Suggestions For Students:

  • Global Warming.
  • Academic Freedom.
  • Human Capital.
  • Life as a nomad.
  • Green House Effect.
  • Global Technology.
  • Online Education.
  • Classroom of the future.

How do I make a PowerPoint presentation for beginners?

Open PowerPoint. Select an option: Select Blank Presentation to create a presentation from scratch.

  1. Select Insert.
  2. To add a picture: Select Picture. Browse for the picture you want and select Insert.
  3. To add a shape, art, or chart: Select Shapes, Icons, SmartArt, or Chart. Select the one you want.

How do you present a topic in 5 minutes?

Now let’s get started with today’s tutorial:

  1. Know Your Audience Well. With only five minutes for your presentation, you don’t want to waste time covering information your audience already knows.
  2. Choose the Right Topic.
  3. Use a Professional Presentation Template.
  4. Start With a Powerful Attention Grabber.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect.

How can I make my presentation interactive?

8 Ways to Make Your Presentation More Interactive

  1. Break the ice. Each of your audience members comes to your presentation in a completely different mood.
  2. Tell stories.
  3. Add videos.
  4. Embrace the power of non-linear presenting.
  5. Ask questions during your presentation.
  6. Poll the audience.
  7. Use props.
  8. Share the glory.

How can I make my presentation stand out?

10 presentation tips to make you stand out from the crowd

  1. 1) Show passion.
  2. 2) Start Strong.
  3. 3) Smile and make eye contact.
  4. 4) Be entertaining.
  5. 5) Tell stories.
  6. 6) Use your voice effectively.
  7. 7) Body language.
  8. 8) Arrive early.

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